IT Technology in Swagger Company


IT Technology in Swagger Company

Human computer interaction is a discipline that analyses how people interacts with an application in a computer. While Microsoft Visio and Microsoft word are applications developed by Microsoft, human computer interaction with this applications is different. However, the developer have made these applications very similar to each other so that a user of Microsoft word can comfortably learn and use Microsoft Visio. For instance, both have a similar arrangement of the menu items in the system enabling a user to navigate easily through the applications. However, Microsoft word includes numerous aspects that are not in Microsoft Visio and would be important and significant to the users. For instance, Microsoft word offers the ability to view to documents side by side thus easy to compare two documents. This is not offered in Microsoft Visio but would assist improve the interaction with users.

The clothing manufacturer’s table contains information about the manufactures that partner with Swagger Company. The information about manufacturer’s that the table stores include name of the manufacturer, the address of the manufacturer, the city location of the manufacturer, the state and the address of the manufacturer. The clothing product table stores information about the clothing that the company distributes. The primary key of this table is the name of the clothing item. The retail table stores information about the retail stores of the company. The retail purchases query merges information about the clothing providing the metadata about the specifically on the clothing and the retail stores they are stored.

The greeting code for the new greetings as required by the owner is as follows:

int day;

int month;

int year;

GregorianCalendar date= new Gregoriancalendar();




System.out.println(“Welcome, today is ”+(month+1)+”/”+day+”/”+year );

The company will be connected to a wireless network as well as cabled network. Retail shops will be connected to the headquarters company through the internet while the different offices in the headquarter will be connected though cabled network to facilitate speed of communication and data exchange. The following diagrams shows the network arrangement of the company. Computers in the same department will be connected together to ensure reliable and efficient communication.

There are numerous qualities of a good and effective website. For the swagger distribution company, the most appropriate type of a website is a B2B website to enable the company connect to as many clients as possible. The B2B will also enable the company conduct businesses online with the customers without the need of the customers to be at the offices or the distribution shops. To achieve these objectives, the following success factors are necessary. The website should be unique, original and fresh content, should provide easy means and techniques of navigation, should have a simple but professional design and layout, should be designed in a way that makes it efficient and effective in connecting with clients, should be compatible with different browsers because clients will try to connect from different browsers, should be designed with the target clients in mind and most importantly, it should provide ability to receive feedback from the clients on the services and products of the company.

Security is a major component of any system in today’s world. Security is provided to the computer systems as well as the network system with the aim of ensuring confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data and computer resources. To ensure security in Swagger Distribution Company, the company will provide access control through the use of strong passwords and encryption-decryption techniques to provide security to data transferred over the internet. Passwords ensure that only the authorized to access the system or data. On the other hand, encryption rewrites the messages in different coding systems which can only be read by an individual with the encryption decryption key.