Business Term Paper





DATE: October 4, 2014.



There are three objectives that will define this project. The first one will be to ensure that the compliance with the laws, policies and the successful practices of COMMFACT and the IT Compliance Board. This project is also expected to ensure that the users are satisfied and there is an improvement of the system to the stakeholders with better IT capabilities. Finally, this project is to ensure that the costs in the company are minimized and that the revenues are maximized.

The scoping boundaries will be focused on IT leadership, the IT governance, enterprise architecture, improved agile IT, data analytics and overall information security.


This project will have the related tasks divided into three major sections. They include, planning, implementation and assessment. In the planning section, this process will be relevant in the creation of an enterprise data inventory and the use of a public listing which is prescribed in the company’s open data policy. Development of a data management policy will be done so as to ensure that there is transparency. A complete initial inventory of data, engaging the business owners who do business with the company will be planning so as to identify the problems that can be solved using data driven solution. In addition to this, the planning section will entail the creation of rules that will ensure that the data standards are able to inform any future investment decisions, capture a current process and also create a documentation of the most effective information technology techniques.

The implementation phase is the next phase that will fall under the related tasks of the project. Business rules enforcement will be one of the main agendas whereby there will be to ensure that the business rules are followed so as to improve on the analytics and to promote operations within the company. To add on to this, there will technical adjustments that will be conducted so as to ensure that there is sharing and also increase the availability of the data to all the stakeholders and users.

Assessment is the most important stage of a project as it determines how well the project is able to meet the demands. The assessment process for this project will be focused on the data output that will be used to maintain inventory and the public data listings. In addition to this, the additional data will be made available as part of the data analytics framework. Feedback from the stakeholders will be collected and this will determine how effective it and changes suggested at the same time.


The measurable deliverables for this project include,

Ensuring that there is a stable support that will strengthen the existing collaboration between the various office programs, make the process of data management easier and so will data analysis be easier to achieve. The project is also expected to make the procedures and the processes at work seamless for the employees and the managers which will reduce collaboration barriers and increase productivity as well as determination of various emerging situations.

This project will make tracking of report cases like the applications required for retirement easier as compared to the more granular levels than the ones that are being handled at the moment. Officers will also be able to collaborate on the various workflows, like in giving the various correspondence and making a review process hence improving on the responsiveness. As part of the surface excellent process that will be used in the reuse or the emulation of this project, there are expected trainings that will be made to other organizations, but with the limitation of maintaining the secret to the success of the project.

On financial management, this project is expected to improve on the current cost control which will be a benefit for the company and hence maximize on profits. Improved support on the trust related processes of business will be relevant as by making, communication, the benefit carriers will be done through the web portal and a system of efficient management of cash balances and investments that will achieve the best returns and increase on the overall transparency.